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Cost and Insurance Information

Growing Hope Counseling has in-network providers for the following insurances. Please call our office for further information about our in-network providers for specific insurances. 

  • Arkansas Blue Cross /  Blue Shield 

  • Out-of-state Blue Cross / Blue Shield

  •  Federal Blue Cross / Blue Shield 


  • Municipal Health

  • Anthem EAP

  • Qualchoice

  • Ambetter

  • True Blue

  • Health Advantage

In some cases, we can provider for other insurances as out-of-network providers, though this can increase your out-of-pocket costs. It is a good idea to contact your insurance company and ask them about mental health benefits when using an out-of-network provider. Keep in mind, that you must meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis for insurance to reimburse you for treatment and that most insurance companies do not provide reimbursement for couple counseling.  Growing Hope Counseling is happy to provide you with a detailed receipt to file with your insurance company, if this is what you would like to do.


Growing Hope Counseling will also try and help you find a provider who is in-network with your insurance company if this would better meet your needs.  We are here to help.  

Investing in therapy is a serious choice to significantly improve your life by healing your heart, improving your relationships, encouraging positive growth in your family, and nurturing your good life. Budgeting to accommodate choosing happiness is something that can be accomplished if this is important to you.

Using your Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account for therapy can save money as those accounts are pre-tax.  For more detailed information see our Fee Schedule below.

Fee Schedule

The Growing Hope Counseling fee schedule is outlined below.  The prices listed are what a client would have to self pay if they did not have or choose not to use their health insurance.  

  • Initial Assessment (your first appointment) is $230.00.

  • Individual Therapy (60 minute session) is $200.00 per session.

  • Couple Therapy and Pre-Marital Counseling (60 minute session) is $200.00 per session. 

  • Family Therapy (60 minute session) is $200.00 per session.

  • Group Therapy (60 minute session) is $150.00 per individual per session

  • Workshops - To be announced. 

There are often co-pays with most insurances and as such there is usually a per visit out-of-pocket expense.  Growing Hope accepts cash, check, credit card or Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account. Payments are accepted at the beginning of each therapy session unless a special arrangement has been agreed upon.

There are significant benefits to paying fee-for-service/out-of pocket for therapy

  • Insurance companies will not be involved in decision-making about therapy services or impose limits on treatment services provided.

  • Details about your treatment and your private therapy information remain private and are not required to be provided to an insurance company.


It is our goal to provide you with premium therapy services on our terms--yours and ours--without interference from outside the therapeutic relationship--whenever this is possible and best meets your needs.

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