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Our Services

Individual adult counseling/therapy services are one-on-one, intensive sessions focused on helping you with issues/problems you are struggling with in your life.  Treatment is tailored to your specific needs, issues/problems, and comfort level to best help you feel better and nurture your good life. 

Child and teen counseling/therapy services are one-on-one, intensive sessions focused on helping the child or teen deal with situations/issues that are affecting their emotions and behavior. Our Registered Play Therapist specializes in working with children from ages 3 to 18. 

Couple counseling services focus on helping you and your sweetie resolve issues in your relationship that are decreasing happiness and satisfaction in your life as a couple.  Helping you truly connect with your mate on all levels is the primary goal of couple counseling so that you can nurture your good life together with joy and contentment.

Premarital counseling provides an exceptional opportunity for people planning to build a life together as a married couple to discuss and resolve many of the issues that may cause conflict in the marital relationship.  Creating together a blueprint for your marriage in premarital counseling is a wonderful way to nurture a good life with your chosen mate.

Family counseling focuses on building healthy family relationships by helping families resolve conflicts and develop more positive connections with each other, nurturing a good life in the family home.

 Therapy groups and support groups are offered to established clients on an as-needed basis, by invitation only.  Group therapy can help people who are dealing with similar problems as you may be dealing with by providing a supportive, safe environment for you all to learn, grow and encourage each other in resolving issues that are holding you back from living your good life.  Therapy groups typically consist of five to ten people, depending on current need and the issue being addressed.

 Workshops are open to the general public--you do not have to be a client to attend. Our workshops provide fantastic opportunities to nurture positive growth in your life. Wisdom & Grace Workshops for Women provide a casual, warm environment to gather with like-minded women to visit, learn, and discover ways to empower yourself to live your good life.  Wisdom & Grace Workshops can help you turn adversity into strength with the quiet power of wisdom and the beautiful grace of a woman.

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